Keeping You Safe


Prevention is key

Breathtaker Hotel & Spa is staying diligent in keeping the community safe.

Investing in a solution prior to a problem arising is always more effective and efficient, which is
why we have implemented the Care Safe Disinfecting and Sanitisation Program here at Breathtaker Hotel & Spa.

Investing In Safety

Care Safe has developed a Disinfecting & Sanitisation Program to help keep you safe from airborne viruses (such as COVID-19).

The Care Safe Disinfecting & Sanitisation Program significantly reduces the risk of infection from viruses present both in the air
and living on hard/soft surfaces.

Directional Misting

The Care Safe Disinfecting & Sanitisation Program utilises directional misting machines and a special compound that bonds to surfaces, killing 99.9% of bacteria on contact.

The team at Breathtaker Hotel & Spa regularly carry out this directional misting to ensure common areas as well as guest suites, are sanitised and safe for use.

Want To Know More?

The Care Safe Disinfecting and Sanitisation Program is an Australian owned and operated program which allows businesses to stay diligent and keep the community safe with high effective sanitisation processes and the most up to date equipment, support and training.

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